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If you want to find the fields and add a value, click the Replace tab. In the Find What box, type Null or Is Null. If you are replacing the null value with other data, enter the new data in the Replace With box. In the Match list, click Whole Field. Clear the Search Fields as Formatted check box. Click Find Next.

Find and Replace in Microsoft Access - Full Circle Computing Find and Replace in Microsoft Access. Searching for a specific record in Microsoft Access. You can search for a specific record in a table or form by using the Find tab in the Find and Replace dialog box. This is an effective choice for locating a specific record when the record that you want to locate satisfies specific criteria, such as What would be a good replacement for our Access database

Go to the sheet tab and select Data > Replace Data Source. Note: You must have at least one field in the view to make the Replace Data Source option available. In the Replace Data Source dialog box, select the Current data source and the Replacement data source. When finished, click OK.

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