MTU issues (and TCP MSS clamping) in residential IPv6

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mtuと直接は関係ないことですが、最近ではpppoeセッションの通信負荷が問題となっておりipv6のipoe方式を利用できるプロバイダも増えてきています。 ipoe方式の場合、ipv6はmtuの上限値が1500バイトのまま利用することができます。

Solved: Vlan mtu, and ipv6 mtu. - J-Net Community Says ipv6 number must not be greater than vlan mtu A/ They are never supposed to be the same. The interface MTU will be normally (if not always) 18bytes bigger than the protocol MTU because while the protocol MTU talks about packets' sizes, the interface MTU talks about frames' sizes that include the 18 more bytes of the Ethernet header. Path MTU Discovery -

Hi, Curious problem with IPV6. Situation is wget request from squid proxy via intermediate router. With IPV4 (wget -4) speed is ~100MB/sec. With IPV6 (wget -6) it drops to 30KB/sec. Examining the traffic with tcpdump shows that the squid box is regularly sending out over-sized packets (>MTU) (5 Replies)

The MTU of the ‘next hop’ link (in bytes) is included as is as much of the too big packet as possible without the ICMPv6 packet exceeding the minimum IPv6 MTU of 1280. This reliance on ICMP and a ‘back channel’ transmission to the originating host has a number of flaws. Understanding the IPv6 Header | Microsoft Press Store For link layers that can support a configurable MTU size, RFC 2460 recommends that they be configured with an MTU size of at least 1500 bytes (the IPv6 MTU for Ethernet II encapsulation). An example of a configurable MTU is the Maximum Receive Unit (MRU) of a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) link. VPN, Connection issues when connecting over IPv6 Aug 28, 2018