Is there any possibility to obtain the "real local" broadcast address for a given IPv4 address with Boost.Asio? ip::address_v4::netmask only returns the netmask based on the IPv4 address class, so it cannot be used reliably with the overload of ip::address_v4::broadcast.. I need to resolve a specific broadcast address for a given (existing) host IPv4 address on the local machine, since I have

broadcast: ip address : no (none) Broadcast address (autogenerated if not set) dns: list of ip addresses : no (none) DNS server(s) dns_search: list of domain names : no (none) Search list for host-name lookup : metric: integer : no : 0: Specifies the default route metric to use What is Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)? - Definition Dec 12, 2017 Broadcast Address - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics Broadcast traffic is sent to all stations on a LAN. There are two types of IPv4 broadcast addresses: limited broadcast and directed broadcast. The limited broadcast address is It is “limited” because it is never forwarded across a router, unlike a directed broadcast. What is Broadcast IP? - May 03, 2019

Broadcast address | What is a broadcast IP and how does it

After reading several basic tutorials, I think the optimum broadcast address should be But wikipedia says that . A special definition exists for the IP broadcast address It is the broadcast address of the zero network or, which in Internet Protocol standards stands for this network, i.e. the local network.

What is Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)? - Definition

Jul 13, 2020 What is the difference between unicast, anycast, broadcast Broadcast is a layer 2 feature in the Ethernet protocol, and also a layer 3 feature in IPv4. Multicast is like a broadcast that can cross subnets, but unlike broadcast does not touch all nodes. Nodes have to subscribe to a multicast group to receive information.