Jul 15, 2020

Dec 09, 2019 5 Best VPN To Unblock BBC iPlayer Right Now Apr 08, 2020 BBC iPlayer on Smart DNS or VPN : NetflixByProxy

Mar 31, 2015

Apr 08, 2020 BBC iPlayer on Smart DNS or VPN : NetflixByProxy HomeBrewVPN uses SmartDNS for non-USA regions (hence Japan and Korea) and you can also watch BBC iPlayer and should be able to download what you are looking for. There's no cost to doing this. level 2. mncraig. Original Poster 1 point · 12 months ago. Not working on iOS. I can watch but not download. level 2. grimtooth.

Channel 4 live have started to track the location settings on your computer in addition to the IP address. The fix is quick and easy; - set location in Control Panel/Regional Settings to United Kingdom

Following advice from Allan on this forum, I’ve tried Overplay to gain access to British TV, and as I have a smart TV I could also get the UK-based apps with a bit of tweaking. Everything seems to work fine, including the ITV and Channel 4 catch-up apps and Netflix, apart from BBC iPlayer. I have a UE40JU6740 Samsung TV. I have been advised by Customer Support that this model has a problem with playing BBC iPlayer. The problem means that it will stick on the loading screen. Resetting the hub will temporarily allow it to work again but it will re-occur when the TV goes into standby. Apparently Samsung is working with BBC to The IPlayer support one is, And I have logged in on my brothers laptop and it doesn't work so that means it is something to do with the account so I deleted it in the end and created another one using a different email address and STILL the same bloody thing, The only other thing I can think to why the website isn't working is that my brother