A thread's stack size is fixed at the time of thread creation. Only the main thread can dynamically grow its stack. The pthread_attr_setstack(3) function allows an application to set both the size and location of a caller-allocated stack that is to be used by a thread.

Avoid publishing addresses of stack variables and storing shared data on thread's stack. Instead, store shared data on the heap or in static variables. If you cannot avoid accessing a different thread's stack, establish a handshaking protocol between the owning thread and accessing thread to prevent accidental corruption or the reading of May 02, 2011 · If you do run in to the stack size limit during testing, you can use the pthreads library to create a thread with a larger stack size, and do all your recursion in the thread. Yuck! If your program is expected to use a lot of stack, provide a safe margin up front. This indicates that the server does not have enough thread stack. Discussion. The official, statically linked Linux binaries from MySQL AB include a customized glibc which restricts the thread stack size to 124K. The system variable thread_stack is set to 192K by default.. This is larger than the restricted size. The kernel stack is used to hold the context of the process that the kernel should return to, and when the kernel executes on behalf of the process (system calls), the kernel uses the kernel mode stack of the process/thread. If another thread grabs the mutex and modifies myEvent, for example by calling trigger_event(), the main thread will be reading/writing the same structure and unpredictable things will happen. The way you use your condition variable, there is a possibility that you will get stuck forever because another thread signalled the condition when you

Linux and old-api FreeBSD were about 1/10th the packets-per-second. A new thread friendly socket API has just been pushed to FreeBSD 11. One of Netflix' engineers had a pet project that now allows near zero lock-contention thread scaling. He was able to done line speed 40gb/s with 150k TCP sessions.

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It is possible for user-mode code to execute in stack memory that is outside the region allocated by the system when the thread was created. Callers can use the GetCurrentThreadStackLimits function to verify that the current stack pointer is within the returned limits. To compile an application that uses this function, set _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0602. Some information cannot be replicated, such as the stack (stack pointer to a different memory area per thread), registers and thread-specific data. This information sufficies to allow threads to be scheduled independently of the program's main thread and possibly one or more other threads within the program. A stack is freed when its thread exits. It is not freed if the thread is terminated by another thread. The default size for the reserved and initially committed stack memory is specified in the executable file header. Thread or fiber creation fails if there is not enough memory to reserve or commit the number of bytes requested. Sep 22, 2014 · Xdotool – Window Stack As you have seen, if you read the other Xdotool articles, this tool can be very useful. The use of the Window Stack helps to increase its abilities for performing actions on multiple windows. There are three commands which retrieves Window IDs. These three commands can