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1Blocker. Tried AdBlock Plus, doesn't block all ads even if you uncheck the Allow acceptable ads button. AdGuard is ok but it breaks some pages so does unlock so 1Blocker works great on both my iPhone and MacBook AND it syncs your settings like sites you whitelist and what blocking filters you choose. Apr 28, 2017 · Installing a great ad blocker for iOS 10 is one of the best ways to boost productivity as it will provide quicker load times and less data usage. For any iOS user it is recommended to install a blocker to protect yourself from spam or malicious “advertisements” on the web. Sep 18, 2018 · Well since it is the same adblock from same developer, then it is developers fault. I am personally using uBlock Origin. It works, not officially supported, but it works. Jun 12, 2020 · How to Block Ads on iOS Devices With Safari. If you prefer to keep using the default iOS browser, Apple allows you to block YouTube ads in Safari using ad blocker apps. After downloading the app from the Apple Store, you need to activate the ad blocking feature in your device's settings: Open Settings, then tap Safari. 11 Best Ad blocker apps for Android & iOS With no exceptions, every smartphone user has ever faced annoying ads, popping on the screen of their devices at the most inappropriate moment. As much as it is irritating, it is also harmful to your data and your phone. Apr 06, 2020 · For instance, we maintain the AdBlock Custom filter list, but all the other filter lists available in AdBlock are kept up-to-date by the authors of those particular filter lists. This is why we may have to refer you to the list authors for help when a filter breaks a web page or an ad slips through a filter list.

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‎AdBlock Pro for Safari on the App Store Works Great - Bad Reviews Don’t Seem to Get It This is the best ad blocked I’ve found so far on iOS (and I’ve tried most). It also does a particularly great job at blocking any-Adblock pop-ups which is what most of the other blockers fail at.